Our Strengths

Our Strengths


The power of dialogue: A 40-year of commitment.
Our operational methods, teamwork, and problem-solving skills have been cultivated through our work experience in all types of industries and business categories, our experience in operating work-from-home contact centers with several thousand seats, and marketing skills that contribute to sales improvement by deriving optimal solutions from voice data analysis.
Bellsystem24 is committed to the success of our clients' businesses by combining our achievements and human resources with technology and originality.
We are committed to the success of our clients' businesses.


Industry-leading Exceptional Achievements

1,200 companies: our operational experience cultivated with a wide variety of industries and business categories. 500 million calls: customer service per year. 37 domestic bases and 3 overseas. 20,000 seats of business scale. BELLSYSTEM24 provides the best solutions to clients’ issues utilizing our operational methods based on over 24 years of impressive industry-leading business achievements.

Business Support Beyond Industry or Business Types

  • Manufacturer / Medical /<br> Health care

    Manufacturer / Medical /
    Health care

  • Communications / Broadcasting /<br> Information Services

    Communications / Broadcasting /
    Information Services

  • Retail / Service / Logistics

    Retail / Service / Logistics

  • Finance / Insurance / Credit

    Finance / Insurance / Credit

  • Government / Municipality / Transportation /<br> Construction / Real Estate / Other

    Government / Municipality / Transportation /
    Construction / Real Estate / Other

  • Startups


  • Expertise Cultivated Through Over 40 Years of Experience

    Founded as a pioneer in contact center outsourcing services, we are celebrating our 40th anniversary. We support services and solutions for all industries based on the know-how we have cultivated through our dialogue with end users.
    • POINT1 Knowledge Accumulated Over 40 Years

      Reference case KPIs obtained through projects that address a wide variety of customer needs and issues. With this background,we have a capacity to propose the most effective solutions no matter what the case is.

    • POINT2 Continuously Honed Business Execution Capabilities

      We developed OPM,our proprietary operation management system based on COPC. We organically drive the PDCA cycle with 62 evaluation items to ensure a high level of service quality.

    • POINT3 Service Flexibility

      Our services range from low-cost plans for primary reception to customized plans for new business launches. We provide center designs according to our customer’s requests and their fluctuations in activity levels,ranging from small scales to businesses of several thousand seats.

    Diverse and Professional Talents

    32,000 specialists solve your problems with their solid know-how and skills required in each area, including contact center design, construction, and operation, CRM consulting, technology, sales, and back-office operations.

    Diverse and Professional Talents

    DX Advocated by BELLSYSTEM24

    Contact centers play an important role as non face-to-face touchpoint for customers. Bellsystem24 help customers promote DX solutions by streamlining business processes through data utilization, implementing home-based contact centers, and providing services with cutting-edge technologies.

    Certified as a DX certified business operator

    BELLSYSTEM24 has been certified as a “DX certified business operator” under the DX (Digital Transformation) certification system established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

    Certified as a DX certified business operator

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