Temporary Staffing

We propose services that meet client companies' needs and introduce talents that match the best for the requirements.

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  • Issue1

    Recruitment of highly specialized staff

  • Issue2

    Recruitment of immediate workforce

  • Issue3

    Staffing arrangements according with the scope of projects and workloads

Service overview

We provide job opportunities according to various work styles, support career development of temporary staff, and provide education and training for the excellent temporary staff members keep active, and we comply with all compliance requirements and provide services that both client companies and temporary staff to feel secure.

POINT1 Contact Center Staff

Based on the wealth of experience and know-how, our agents and managers with a variety of skills handle inbound and outbound calls, e-mail, live chat, and other operations as irreplaceable force. We also offer staffing service after the candidates have acquired qualifications through in-house training.

POINT2 Office Work and Clerical Position

We provide best talents with skills meeting the client companies' needs, such as data entry, general affairs, human resources, accounting clerical work, receptionists, sales assistants.

POINT3 Sales Staff

We perform general sales operations such as new business development and route sales.

Flow of Use

  • Identify Requirements

    Interview to know your requirements,such as the brief detail of the work,the length of the period,and the content of the contract.

  • Introduction of Human Resources

    We introduce personnel who meet your requirements.

  • Decide whether or not to hire the personnel

    Our client company decides whether or not to hire the personnel we introduce.

  • Commence Work

    Start the job at the client company according to the designated schedule.

FAQs about solutions and services

  • What type of job titles do you cover?

    Our staffing service covers job titles that meet your needs,such as contact center agents,staff for various office work,and staff with specific expertise.
  • Is direct hire possible in the future?

    We provide general staffing service,employment placement service,and talent introduction services. Please contact us for details.
  • How much does it cost?

    It depends on the scale of the job,operational contents and scope,and required job title. Please feel free to contact us first.
  • How long does it take for the staffing service?

    It depends on the scale,difficulty,and scope of the operation. Please feel free to contact us first.

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