Voice Platform Solution

BellCloud+® offers a highly reliable cloud infrastructure for contact center with flexible scalability and connectivity for users on a wide range of scales.

Service features

  • Issue1

    Measured Rate System Appropriate for Fluctuations

  • Issue2

    Fulfillment of Scalability and Connectivity

  • Issue3

    High Reliability

Service overview

Our service offers various solutions essential for contact center operation, such as voice recognition, Sentiment Analysis, Chatbot, Voicebot, Visual IVR, and remote environments, including work-from-home in a prompt manner.

POINT1 All You Want Whenever You Need

Our service is available to users on a wide range of scales in a measured rate system appropriate for fluctuations unique to contact center operations.

POINT2 Fulfillment of Scalability and Connectivity

As our variety of functions and solutions are available for your needs, you can expand the systems together with your business growth.

POINT3 High reliability

We offer systems and operations with acquired global standards of ISO27001 and ISO27017.

FAQ about Solution Services

  • How do you respond to system glitches?

    BellCloud+® offers a stable operation with the cloud built by AVAYA infrastructure on the AWS cloud environment in both East and West regions,and high quality call condition connected by leased circuit with BELLSYSTEM24 data center.
  • I am concerning about the cost of operational maintenance and how do you handle?

    For the purpose of cost reduction,we adopt ticketing support system for setting up devices,changing the call flow,etc. We also provide flexible services,including tools that can be configured by the client company itself.
  • How long does it take to build?

    Our engineers,having a deep knowledge of contact center operation,optimize your complex operational setting and offer a packaged method of activation procedure in three months minimum.

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