Solution Delivery

We introduce advanced systems for CX and production improvement based on agile operational method, adopting knowledge of our consultants and engineers to the fullest extent toward aiming to achieve official solutions with market-competitive products in the areas of CRM, analysis, auto-response, and contact center management.

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  • Issue1

    Implement Market-leading Products for Realization of Advanced Contact Center

  • Issue2

    Establishment of a more Flexible System for Fluctuations and Changes in Business

  • Issue3

    Advanced Utilization of Systems for Achieving Solutions to Business Issues

What Solutions BELLSYSTEM24 Offer

We promote the implementation and utilization of systems with standardized and area-specific methods by populating our best and diversity of resources of consulting, engineering, and management.
* Main Products
CRM: Salesforce / Mobi Agent
Analysis: AmiVoice
Auto Response: Ekubot Chat, Ekubot Voice
Contact Center Platform: BellCloud+🄬, Ami Voice, VEXT Recommend /Resume

POINT1 Substantial Methodology

We offer strong support of building implementation methodologies through the course of analysis, designing, construction, launching, and establishment by applying appropriate methods of both business Agile in general and conventional Waterfall for integrating additional or peripheral developments.

POINT2 Business Agile Methods

Business Agile methods focus on adapting process through discussion of ideal improvements for clients to achieve maximizing potential, grasping image of sophistication, and building prototype, and to enable benchmarking optimal introduction of our operational techniques and knowledges.

POINT3 Specialized Consultants

Our secured professional resources effectively implement clients' Business Agile Methodologies in consultation, product management, technology, and development with various basic skills, such as official product certification, industry-standard PMBOK, KCS, and BPMN.

What is Customer Success Platform

  • To what extent do we need to organize our pre-implementation?

    They do not need to be organized in advance. Please feel free to contact us as we can support your requests and needs from the preliminary preparation process by suggesting roadmaps for an ideal model or small startups with a business agile method focusing on continuous amelioration.
  • How long does it take to launch the system?

    Our Business Agile Methodology enables implementation faster than before. It varies depending on the area of solutions,purpose of systems,and scale of targeted businesses; one to two monts for small startup and three to six monts for standard.
  • Can we request your services along with our proprietary solutions already in place?

    Yes,based on expertise and knowledge,we offer additional services to your existing solutions,such as redeployment function,maintenance replacement,FAQ and knowledge,scenario optimization of Catbot and Voicebot,and operational consulting for utilization and application.

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