CRM Solution

The implementation of integrated CRM system organizes related content, and collaborates both internally and externally with the core system,"Salesforce Service Cloud ", to advance operations, achieve omni-channel support, and facilitate self-help solutions.

Service features

  • Issue1

    Specialized Agile Methodology for implementation in Prototypical Environment

  • Issue2

    Chorus of System implementation and Operational and Contents Designing

  • Issue3

    seamless coordinate from Introducing Project-team to Customer Success-task force

Service overview

In our assessment of problems of conventional model of developtment with Waterfall method which may cause an bottleneck on optimization brought discrepancies between operation and system in contact center. Our specialized Agile method for implementation enables to make a new process involved stakeholders in all phases of discussions with full use of business consulting methods and maximum use of standard functions, and to accelerate information linkage with exterior on multicloud by minimizig the development of additional functions and system integration and by acquiring merits of optimization for the future.

POINT1 Specialized Agile Methodology for Implementation in Prototypical Environment

We advance projects with our specialized Agile method in prototype environment with maximum use of standard functions, involvement of stakeholders, and flexibility towards future operational changes.

POINT2 Chorus of System Implementation and Operational and Contents Designing

We offer CRM implementation in parallel with execution of operational improvement reform to advance concurrent maintenance of content including both internal knowledge and external FAQ.

POINT3 Seamless Integration between Projects Implementaton and Customer Success Team

We optimize the operational applicability by taking over critical issues and results of incomplete implementation phase and linking them seamlessly to Customer Success.

FAQs about Solutions Services

  • How to minimize additional development?

    We formulate appropriate measures to improve operational efficiency, while carrying on repetitively reviewing the contents of project hearing in accordance with the new workflow, to omit hasty judgement of whether to apply standard functions and to minimize additional development.
  • What happens if additional develepment is required?

    We ensure development of system functions by applying specialized method intended to Waterfall Model for which requires additional development and API integration.
  • How can I take advantage of Salesforce?

    By implementing ”Salesforce Service Cloud”, which has a function to optimize contact center, we realize scalable implementation centered on the"Salesforce" and multi-cloud support for information collaboration with other departments. Partial implementation is also possible such as multi-cloud support, chat operation, buliding an external FAQ, and an internal knowledge base.

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