Medical Marketing (Webinar Support, Outbound Call, and Awareness-raising of Diseases)

With the pandemic of COVID-19 as its trigger,information provisions in medicine companies have been transformed from actual junctions between MRs and health professionals,to virtual links connecting through online such as email,eDetailing,and websites,or to a combination of both actual/virtual models of commercials.
In the midst of those changes,BELLSYSTEM24 offers communication plans and BPO solutions with full use of multi-channels to enhance branding values based on its expertise in medical contact centers for over 20 years.

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  • Issue1

    Expansion of Support Resources for Preparation and Operation of Webinars or Lectures.

  • Issue2

    Effective Approaches toward Non-targets

  • Issue3

    MR Streamlining for Material Reviews and PMS in Compliance with Information Provision Guidelines.

Service overview

Our medical contact center systems offer communication plans with knowledge of dialogues between health professionals and pharmacists leading to prescriptions such as sending related materials and questionnaire surveys after brief explanation of products and diseases,and back-office services,namely various material reviews and contract support for PMS with medical institutions.

POINT1 Webinar Support

We perform the clients' duties in a series of tasks for webinar operations from its rehearsal through live to Post-questionnaire and appointment request through followup calls. We also offer support for event planning and gaining customers in cooperation with affiliated companies.

POINT2 Outbound Calls

We offer services of outbound calls and sending related materials as per clients' needs for awareness-raising of diseases,questionnaire surveys,installation requests of samples of OTC products,among others.

POINT3 Back-office Services in line with Guidelines for Providing Sales Information

We offer back-office services with our MR experienced agents at its center,striving for MA streamlining and support in management divisions including preparation of draft contracts for PMS with medical institutions and related inquiry receptions,through our attempts of operational tracking in line with Guidelines for Providing Sales Information and material reviews.

Flow of Use (Webinar Support Service)

  • Preparation

    Set the range of support available narration and manuscript preparation and slide reviews based on a pre-checklist.

  • Rehearsal

    Instruct the flow of the day of the webinar,operational and troubleshooting method of equipment.

  • Live Performance

    Support for shadow announcements,screen switching,call handling regarding line troubles from viewers,and summarizing QAs.

  • After the Webinar

    Perform clients' duties such as aggregation and analysis of attendees and questionnaires,sending thank-you Emails,and on-demand delivery.

FAQs about solutions and services

  • Quality and information security initiatives

    Our pharmaceutical-related business has established a quality management system based on the concept of ISO 9001,the international standard for quality management systems,and was one of the first in the CRO industry to obtain ISO 9001 certification in 2001. Even after obtaining certification,we have continued to pursue “reliability” for more than 20 years,and we have a proven track record of success. In addition,considering the importance of the information we handle,we also thoroughly implement information security management and personal information protection under our information security policy and personal information protection policy,and have obtained ISO 27001 certification. We are committed to continuous review and improvement in order to provide reliable and appropriate quality at all times. See here ( for details.
  • Do you make outbound calls to introduce lecture information?

    Yes,our outbound call support is available with an appropriate system in accord with target and period.
  • Does your support cover slide check made by doctors giving a lecture?

    Yes,we arrange our support as per clients' needs including matching verification of slide contents with cited references.

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