Helpdesk/IT Service Desk

We offer technical support with centralized management of clients' IT device environments.

Do you have any issues like this?

  • Issue1

    Personalized Operations Interfering with Focus on Core Businesses

  • Issue2

    Lowering Work Efficiency caused by Varied Vendors for Each Service

  • Issue3

    Stagnant Agent Utilization Unproportional to System Implementation

Helpdesk/IT Servicedesk Solutions

We dedicates comprehensive support to solve clients' issues through correspondence regarding system failures and usage instruction. Our standardized outsourcing help clients to meet their operational optimization.

POINT1 Business Assessment

-Grasp present circumstances and extract the gap with an ideal model from them
-Redesign or reconstruction of operation and qualify spots for outsourcing
-Make proposal for operational optimization including IT implementation and practice

POINT2 Lifecycle Management

- Comprehensive PDCA support from device installation plan to replacement
- Inventory control, license management, and kitting proxy of various installations and policy enforcements
- In-house IT servicedesk operations for installed devices and services

POINT3 Establishment Support

-Educational services for a variety of content, such as dedicated websites, video manuals, and training substitutions
- Hands-on training services with live operation guides
- Proposal of improvement measures based on the operation and utilization analysis of IT servicedesk

Flow of use

  • Conduct Interviews and Qualify the Range of Outsourcing

    We listen to the current issues and propose a scope of response regarding outsourcing.

  • Business design

    We design operations of the determined realm of outsourcing.

  • System construction

    We formulate system environments, assign human resources, and conduct training necessary for operations.

  • Operation

    We install operations after trial run and authorization from clients.

  • Data Analysis and Effect Measurement

    We offer solutions based on the analysis of operations and measurement of work efficiency.

FAQs about solutions and services

  • Is a specific or partial service available?

    Yes, we arrange customized services for specific applications and a limited-time.
  • Is it possible to offer services on-site at the clients in-house?

  • Is your service available for small-scale operations?

    Yes, our service is available for even a few cases per month.
  • Do you cover 24 hours and foreign language operations?

    Yes, our services is available 24/7 including foreign languages support.
  • Do you have on-call service?


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