CDP(Customer data platform)

As the improvement of CX (Customer Experience Value) is said to be priority measure, contact center,the closest touch point to end users, requires to changes its role.
BELLSYSTEM24 offers total support for realization of personalized contact ceter's operation from its implementation to installation, by utilizing our CDP as platform of integrated collection of customer data.

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  • Issue1

    Updating the Contact Centers' role from objective to subjective to achieve the balance of CLTV(Customer Lifetime Value) contribution, engagement enhancement, and efficiency.

  • Issue2

    Lower customer satisfaction caused by hearings from the ground up without pre-inquiry prediction of end user.

  • Issue3

    Unable to utilize data for FAQ improvement due to unconsolidated data linkage between web browsing and inquiries.

Overview of initiatives and expected

We integrate end users' data varied by brands scattering around in-house and lead to solutions for your assignments with one-stop process of data utilization from integration through management and analysis to reuse.

POINT1 CLTV(Customer Lifetime Value) Miximization

We acquire displays capable of agents' effect on customer service reflecting the data of pre-inquiry prediction and needs of end users accumulated in CDP(Customer Data Platform), that enables clients to achieve concierge support based on end user charts and effective purchase forecasting for inbound and outbound sales.

POINT2 Cost Optimization

We facilitate immediate call handing with problem prediction and minimal hearing by displaying end users' web behavior on CRM system linked with CDP(Customer Data Platform) which integrate data of end users' web behavior and inquiries.

POINT3 Visualization of Decision-Making

We figure out end users' course of action based on the data accumulated in CDP(Customer Data Platform) to visualize the bottlenecks in FAQs for further improvement.

Flow of use

  • Implementation, Examination, and Installation

    Our special consultants ask clients about their present issues to solve.

  • Requirement Definition

    We sort out new data to be acquired and their integration rules, conforming to a thorough review of holding data.

  • Quotation and Contract

    We offer a quotation based on the requirement definition and conclude a contract.

  • CDP(Customer Data Platform) Environment Setup

    We implement CDP.

  • CDP (Customer Data Platform)Operation

    We offer formulation and operation of contact centers with utilization of the CDP environment.


  • What is the difference between CDP and CRM tools?

    CDP(Customer Data Platform) has an overwhelming range of data, whereas CRM covers data of only those from the initial stage when they became end users.CDP's high capability of integrating various data enables it to perform as an integration hub platform for multiple departments and brands employing different CRM.
  • What is the difference between CDP(Customer Data Platform) and MA tools?

    CDP(Customer Data Platform) and MA(Marketing Automation) tool play different roles: CDP collects and integrates data, whereas MA tool actualizes optimal measures by utilizing data received from CDP.
  • What data is not eligible for import?

    Binary data of non-text format is not eligible to import.
  • Is trial implementation available?

    Please contact us for more information about the trial implementation request as availability may depend on your needs.

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