Customer Success

We offer various customer success platform which meets your needs to fine-tune for an actual operation and continuously improve an installed system.
Quick start implementation plan including process through launching to establishment systems based on agile operational method which we propose are also available.

Service features

  • Issue1

    To achieve persistent improvement after installation of solutions,we provide various after-sales services based on customer success platform:ticketing support system,Points-based support system,full-time support systems,or those combinations in accord with clients' needs.

  • Issue2

    We ensure high quality responses by full-time team by shaping centralized management of various incident around the dedicated site as an axis.

  • Issue3

    We offer maintenance replacement for persistent improvement in product-neutral scope such as knowledge,bot scenario,and a team of external FAQ optimization to clients already implemented equivalent solutions.

Service overview

The Best Customer Success platform Tailored for Your Needs

POINT1 Customer Success Platform:Ticketing Support System

The maintenance service on ticket system respond to inquiries about target systems.
This simple ticket management plan offers response to inquiries about system optimization, logistical support in case clients have an in-house maintenance team,and light work request within the pre-consent range.

POINT2 Customer Success Platform:Remote

The maintenance service responds to inquiries about target systems and work requests.
In addition to ticket management, the point system based on monthly work plan offers responses to work requests such as changing CRM system setting, intelligece learning of Chatbot and Voicebot, minor scenario refinement, maintenance of dictionary function of speech recognition, and logistical support in case clients have in-house maintenance teams, and as outsourcing performance in case clients have in-house maintenance teams.

POINT3 Customer Success Platform: Team

The comprehensive full-time maintenance service supports system implementation, optimization, and establishment.The team plan conducted by full time consultants offers proactive improvements to optimize the target system along with responding to your inquiries and work requests in exchange for tickets and points within fixed monthly quantities under the contract. Also, you can transfer skills for insourcing maintenance after a certain period of our support.

FAQ about Solution Services

  • What is the stipulation for the length of contract with you?

    The minimum basic contract term is one year.Please feel free to contact us as we will make adjustments in accordance with the progress of other projects.
  • What are the necessary procedures for making an inquiry or request?

    You can send us inquiries and requests from our web form so our staff will respond to them.
  • Can you offer a combined maintenance support for multiple solutions under consideration?

    Yes,points and tickets can be shared among multiple solutions.
  • Is it possible to change contents of Customer Success Platform after contract has been signed?

    Yes,immediately after the launching system with our extensive follow up,you can narrow scope when operation stabilizes or transfer skills for insourcing maintenance.

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