BPO Service of Medical Related Admin Work (Receptions, Clerks, and Health Guidances)

Based on the conventional knowledge and designs of contact centers,we offer outsourcings or support in light of current features affected by the ongoing trend of Work System Reform in the medical field for operations in receptions and back-offices in medical institutions,clinics,etc.,operational assessments for visualization of issues and work efficiency,and DX of operations.

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  • Issue1

    Operational Stabilization with its Simplification,Generalization,and Job Retention

  • Issue2

    Improvements on Telephone Switchboards,Phone Appointment Receptions for Health or Medical Examinations,and Intermediaries to Related Departments.

  • Issue3

    Implementation of DX and IT Tools for Work Efficiency

Service overview

Based on our knowledge of medical contact centers,we offer operational designs tailored to the characteristics of medical institutions for their achievement of alleviation of burdens on sites and better health of examinees with special health guidance by nutritionists,through our support for establishing procedures and manuals,call receiving or receptions,outsourcing outgoing calls,among others.

POINT1 Operational Diagnosis and Assessment

We visualize clients' assignments in their medical institutions and clinics through our operational diagnosis and assessment,and offer support from identifying solutions for their operational improvement to formulate their actions.

POINT2 Operational Supports for Medical Institutions

We offer a variety of outsourcing services,including call receiving,appointment receptions for health or medical examinations,examination recommendations,medical receptions,health checkup support,and hospital clerks,and patient care follow-ups such as health and manipulation guidance by nurses and dietitians.

POINT3 DX support for Medical Institutions

We offer total support of DX solutions from their proposal to implementation,such as Chatbot and AI-OCR (automatic reading and digitization of paper-based information) premised on standardization of format on FAX and others,for operational optimization in medical institutions to achieve efficiency in communications with appointment receptions,patients,and other external parties.

Flow of Use (outpatient medical treatment appointment reception service)

  • Implementation

    Interviews by our consultants about clients' current assignments.

  • Designing Operational System

    For efficient operation,we consolidate systems by deploying on organization line for normal functions,and on fastest contact to sites for emergency,and clarify job responsibilities for each roles (execution manager,operation manager,supervisor,and agent).

  • Staffing

    We recruit and secure appropriate human resources by making an overall evaluation of their skills,years of experience,motivations,stress resilience,and communication ability.

  • Preparation for Manuals and Procedures

    We offer visualization of operations by standardizing them with established procedures and manuals.

  • Training

    Our backup system of improving working environments offers continuous operational training both before and after operations start to develop agents' skills.

FAQs about solutions and services

  • How do you work with Wellness Communications?

    Wellness Communication,the company offering healthcare cloud services to outsourcing health examination services to companies and helping their healthcare support,and BELLSYSTEM24 formed a business alliance with a combination of both strengths in November,2011,to pursue further problem solving,creation of new businesses,and value provisions,by developing DX and BPO operations in medical institutions,by providing healthcare solutions,and by promoting business creations regarding healthcare data utilization.

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