Strategy Consulting

We support to formulate contact center strategy by offering varias values: model of touchpoint and omnichannel strategies, realization of CX improvement, and intermediate-term roadmap.

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  • Issue1

    TBD Contact Center Starategy

  • Issue2

    No Put Off but Vision the Action Plan to Reform

  • Issue3

    Formulate intermediate-term roadmap with IT and Solution Implementation

Service overview

Our knowledge in line with market trend offer a new design of contact center for the next generation.

POINT1 External environment survey

We implement benchmarks for target businesses based on our experience. Our analysis of external environment survey and customer journeys in reference to various trends and any given condition coordinates a set of compilation information.

POINT2 Internal Environment Survey

We grasp the situation and capture the issues and problems by analyzing quantitative data and questionnaire survey for customer support agenets, supervisors, and related personnel in involved departments.

POINT3 Output for Purpose and Target Theme

We offer outputs for target purposes with an established policy for improvement backed up by discussion to organize improvement opportunities, and propose an identified plans on demand such as grand design for contact center, model of road map, cost-benefit estimate, and RFP.

FAQs about solutions and services

  • Can I request only to build strategy on the premise of in-house operation?

    Yes,we offer our best strategies cut our for a client,with the contactcenter operation hold in-house.
  • How long does it take to build strategies?

    It takes three to four months in standard,but the length of the period varies in accordance with your purposes and needs. Please feel free to contact us first.
  • What kind of researches are conducted in external environment survey?

    Depending on your purpose,we collect general information through desktop research,as well as multifaceted information such as our case studies and benchmarking information. SWOT analysis, 3C analysis,customer journey mapping etc. are conducted as necessary.
  • What kind of researches are conducted in internal environment survey?

    We conduct a broad questionnaire survey for all people involved in contact center operations to investigate problems. The size of the survey target will be from seven to eight at minimum,considering the time required,but it will increase in accordance with your purposes and needs.
  • Do you design every detail of each business plan?

    We offer proposals for subsequent projects: a variety of support is available as a follow-up project matches with your needs,such as RFP preparation,identifying recommended new systems and solutions,and implementing them. Please feel free to contact us.

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