Wellness Healthcare Services (Healthcare Support, Online Consultation for Health and Nutrition, and Monitoring Service)

Our teams,composed mainly of qualified specialists such as practical nurses,pharmacists,nutritionists,and public health nurses,offer communicative services and products with added values to various organizations involved in healthcare and wellness,such as companies,local governments,and medical institutions,focusing on their visions toward patient journey on dietary or nutritional counselling,lifestyle guidance,and healthcare supports.

Do you have any issues like this?

  • Issue1

    Formulate Measures to Support Health Promotion for Employees

  • Issue2

    Launch Care Services of Health and Medical for Members

  • Issue3

    Setting up Monitoring Services for Elderly Remote Care

Service overview

We attempt to increase the added value of clients' efforts at healthcare support and services for members through our 24/7 operational systems in contact centers and health and medical consultation services run by our qualified medical specialists.

POINT1 Healthcare Support

We offer powerful support to clients' efforts in healthcare based on the certification criteria of Health and Productivity Management Organization with our expertise in contact center operation and our qualified professionals with specific health guidance,and consult customization of support for employees of each client with our variety of options including self-medication using apps and interactive assistants of health managements.

POINT2 Online Consultation for Health and Nutrition

We support users' realization of behavior modification through health,dietary,and nutritional consultations run by our qualified specialists,with a customized range in operational scope and hours from our varieties of channels including phone,chat,and video interactions.

POINT3 Monitoring Service

We offer varieties of monitoring programs in combination of in-person communications with qualified medical specialists and technologies to relieve daily anxieties of users and their families.

Flow of Use (in the case of online health and nutrition consultation)

  • Implementation

    Interviews by our consultants about clients' current issues

  • Business design

    Build system and operational flow fits for clients' situations: member volume and user base

  • System Building

    Construct essential systems: phone,network,and CRM

  • Manual Preparation,Recruiting,and Training

    Prepare operational manuals and flows,scripts for talks,and FAQs,and enforce trainings and OJTs based on them.

  • Launch and Operation

    Monitor KPIs,hold debriefing sessions,identify issues,and propose improvements.

FAQs about solutions and services

  • Are your staffs qualified for dietary and nutritional counselling?

    Our licensed Nutritionists on staff offer dietary consultations or guidance,with other options for healthcare support by nurses and pharmacists upon clients' needs.
  • What are your monitoring services?

    We offer both phone and direct services on requests for monitoring services: outbound calls by nurses or other qualified staff,making call transcription and reporting it for users,and regular users' home visits to offer reports in photos or on websites on direct services.

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