Accounting and human resources BPO services

We support clients' business growth with cost improvement by offering wide range of our BOP services including routine works such as accounting and HR,and tasks required special experiences.

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  • Issue1

    Direct and Indirect Operational review in both Head Office and Other Sites,and System Replacement for Cost Improvement.

  • Issue2

    Re-examination of an Already Outsourced Operation to Change a More Specialized Contractor.

  • Issue3

    Re-evaluation of Corporate Function and Human Resource Utilization in Line with Busihess Growth.

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Our specialized expertise in accounting and HR offers services to support clients' operational and cost improvement.

POINT1 BPO for HR and Accounting

Our agents with business experience in practical accounting and HR offer varied services for not only routine work such as expenses and HR management,but also more specialized tasks such as managerial accounting and system revision.

POINT2 Consultation

We offer plans and practices of rational and effective measures with diverse perspectives on operation,system,data,and HR to fit clients' vision of reform.

POINT3 HR Utilization

We offer solutions for further utilization of HR from both sides of training and practice.

Flow of Use

  • Assessment

    Interviews and business surveys by consultants to assess clients' assignments.

  • Drafting Measures

    Review the hearing and survey results and our usecases suitable for the assignments to formulate appropriate measures.

  • Practicing Measures

    Support for Practicing Measures.

  • Establishment

    Promote continual operation to help the effects of measures to take their roots from temporal to long term.


  • What is the process for starting BPO?

    We make pre-assessments of your target departments and operations to evaluate the BPO offer range and cost savings.
  • Is it available support for only consultation?

    We even offer only consulting-specific services at clients' request,since BPO may be irrelevant to them as a premise.
  • Do you consult about system replacement of accounting and HR?

    Our consultation is available for the process of system replacement of various types that fit for clients' purposes,from its proposal through setup to maintenance.
  • What sets you apart from competitors?

    The outstanding feature of our service is to offer the BPO of accounting and HR with knowledge and expertise of our abundant agents,and it contributes clients to acquire services more than just service for specific routine work at indirect sites.
  • Can you cover supports for remote BPO operations?

    We handle supporting remote BPO upon clients' request: our remote specialists are assigned all over Japan to undertake BPO operations.

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