Voice-DX Solution

We offer implementation of voice recognition and text mining systems to convert interactions with end users into text in analysis purpose allowing your contact center to solve various assignments with several solutions such as enhancement of real-time management, improvement of productivity, advancement of quality control, consolidation of FAQs, utilization of customer insights, standardization of ACW, and supports for agents.

Service features

  • Issue1

    Identify the optimal system for your contact center operation

  • Issue2

    Seamless integration between implementation projects and customer success team

  • Issue3

    Apply waterfall model method to ensure additional development and API integration

Service overview

We actualize a stable implementation of our cloud base system,BellCloud+® along with AmiVoice, VextMiner, and other related systems based on our contact center specialized functions and experiences, and propose clients on the best and comprehensive solutions for clients, such as implementation support, building templations, and business consultations to meet their needs.

POINT1 Voice Recognition Solutions

Voice Recognition Solutions supports solving basic assignments of contact centers such as enhancement of real-time management, improvement of productivity, and advancement of quality control by accumulating and reusing text converted interactions with end users. It also helps to achieve operational standardization by making full use of our methods of consultation, such as support for agent, reduction of ACW(After Call Work), optimization of escalation procedure, as well as tuning of dictionaries to improve voice recognition rate.

POINT2 Text Mining Solutions

Text mining solutions enable a huge amount of text converted data from interactions with end users to be analyzed effectively from various perspectives for improvement of productivity, advancement of quality control, consolidation of FAQs, and utilization of customers’ feedback.

POINT3 Automatic Summarization Solutions

Automatic Summarization Solutions make it possible to instantly categorize and summarize the content of interactions with end users by matching them with already predicted templates generated by Text Mining Solution systems that can reduce ACW and standardize transfer flow to subsequent processes.

POINT4 Automatic FAQs Solutions

Automatic FAQs Solutions automatically display appropriate FAQs by associating summarized content of interaction extracted from Text Mining Solution systems and already predicted FAQs, that achieve display optimization, quick and accurate responses, improvement of sales efficiency, and customer satisfaction improvement, by utilizing anticipational FAQs in response to topic transitions, talk flow recommendation functions, and managed FAQ list function.

POINT5 Utilizing Customer Feedback and Business Optimization Services

We offer multiple analyses of accumulated customer feedback and formulate operational refinement for improvement of productivity, advancement of quality control, consolidation of FAQ and utilization of Customer Feedback, by utilizing accumulated data for clients with voice recognition system, or data generated from response history, free comments on customer surveys, and bulk texts created by batch processing voice recognition service.

POINT6 Analysis of inquiry details

We analyze call data accumulated in contact centers with Analysis of inquiry content generated by system tools and detailed and methodological context scrutiny handled by specialized consultants to formulate comprehensive measures for channel optimization and call reduction.

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