Work-from-home Contact Centers

We make work-from-home contact centers more approachable and stress-free with three factors: [Maintaining productivity in the same environment as a collective center], [Complete security], and [Implementation track record of over 3,000 seats in Japan and OP expertise].

Introduction video of [BELL@HOME work-from-home contact center solutions]

Why BELLSYSTEM24’s work-from-home contact center?

  • Issue1

    We achieve the same level of productivity, flexibility, and quality optimization as existing centers, utilizing BellCloud®, the largest cloud voice platform in Japan, and the latest IT technologies.

  • Issue2

    Equipped with peeping and spoofing detection functions. Information leaks can be prevented by using system devices that are configured to prohibit data storage and external output, and by applying external access control.

  • Issue3

    Existing centers are partially or fully home-based at 37 locations nationwide. The target area for recruitment is all over Japan, utilizing human resources wherever they live. Our abundant management expertise enables stable operations.

Bell@Home solves these problems

Bell@Home can meet your needs for infection control, natural disaster countermeasures (BCP measures) by decentralizing bases, cost reduction by work-from-home, and stable employment.

POINT1 Want to take measures against infectious diseases, and take measures against natural disasters by decentralizing bases

Booths are decentralized by work-from-home. Operations can be maintained even in the event of an emergency.

POINT2 Cost reduction through work-from-home

Work-from-home also reduces the cost of rent, fixtures, and consumables in existing centers.

POINT3 Securing Stable Employment

Our statistics shows number of applications is 2.5 times larger than those of the existing centers. The increased number of applicants contribute to the stability of the overall quality of the center.

Flow of use

  • Define inquiry requirements

    We define requirements suitable for work-from-home.

  • Order date

    Conclusion of Contract

  • Prepare infrastructure

    Arrangement for internet connection and computers.

  • Assign personnel

    Hire new employees.

  • Training

    Provide training and OJT.

  • Cutover

    Start operations.

FAQs about Solution Services

  • What is the number of seats per project in the work-from-home contact center implementation results?

    We have introduced about 300 seats.

  • Want to know examples of implementation problems and how they were improved.

    There was a case where we were disturbed by external noise, such as that of animals, which was improved by using a noise canceller.

  • What are the criteria for selecting employees who can work from home?

    For many of our operations, the criteria are membership in our company, a certain number of years of service, and achievement of the most recent personal KPI.

  • Want to know about face authentication and spoofing detection

    By pre-registering the face, communicators are authenticated as they take their seats. If a face other than the registered one is detected, the screen blacks out and an alert email with an image of the unregistered face is sent to the supervisor, and he/she confirms the incident with the communicator in question.

  • Headcount management and spoofing prevention measure

    Headcount management and spoofing/peeping prevention measures are implemented after verification. Some news programs picked up and featured our spoofing/peeping detection system.

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