We offer effective one-stop sales BPO for clients' sales growth.

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  • Issue1

    Growth of Marketing Resources and Time Acceleration in Recruiting and Training Process

  • Issue2

    Expansion of Marketing Route for Speedy Customer Acquisition

  • Issue3

    Sales Growth and Cost Reduction

BELLSYSTEM24 Service Overview

We offer fieldsales representation to clients by utilizing our expertise in the operation of contact centers and customer support.

POINT1 Appropriate KPI Setting

We visualize fieldsales activities with their personalized tendencies as problem, through an appropriate KPI setting and daily report of operations.

POINT2 Fluctuation-led Staffing

We offer the best fluctuation-led staffing by taking advantage of our large operating fields, whereas it may be difficult for a system of in-house marketing.

POINT3 Quality of Human Resources

The training methods for sales agents based on our years of shared expertise in contact center operations make clients possible to accomplish their business continuity with a minimum vacancy, such as to fill in for a sudden resignation.

Flow of use

  • Discussions

    We consult about the possible range of BPO on the basis of discussion papers.

  • Identify issues

    We construct a hypothesis of assignments through surveys of service quality, value characteristics, and competitiveness, among others.

  • Assessment

    We formulate an action plan, design operation and strategy, and check KPI setting and detailed work divisions.

  • Trial (Feasibility)

    We verify the feasibility of formulated strategic design, test sales, and KPI.

  • Start operation

    We conduct routine check of quality and quantity for implementation of appropriate corrections.

FAQs about solutions and services

  • FAQs about solutions and services

    It depends on the scale and difficulty of the operation, but in most cases, it takes about three months.
  • Does it require a special system or technology?

    Special systems may be used depending on the operation. We can also arrange for CRM and other systems.
  • How much does it cost?

    It depends on the scale, difficulty, and scope of the operation. Please feel free to contact us first.
  • Want to know details including past case studies

    Similar services are also available depending on the nature of the operation. Please feel free to contact us first.

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