Text Communication (E-mail, LINE, Live Chat)

As the need for non face-to-face communication increases we have full rage of text communication support services, such as e-mail, live chat, and LINE in addition to conventional voice support

Do you have any issues like this?

  • Issue1

    Interaction with customers 24 hours a day

  • Issue2

    More customer touchpoints to improve satisfaction and engagement

  • Issue3

    Customer service for the hearing impairment

Service overview

From the plan-building of customer support introduction via live chat to sales operation and effectiveness verification, we provide total support for the series of processes.

POINT1 Live Chat Support

Various user inquiries, including technical support.

POINT2 Sales Promotion via Live Chat

Provide various information to site visitors, such as products or services introduction, response to requests for information materials, and pre-purchase consultation services.

POINT3 Live Chat Concierge

Provide information and counseling to the site visitors who are wondering, as well as campaign introduction and various support.

Flow of use

  • Examine various requirements

    Thoroughly review the issues the client company wants to solve and the requirements necessary to solve them, and then propose a business design.

  • Site design and tool coordination

    Propose the best location to solve the issue and, in some cases, the implementation of system tools.

  • Operational design

    Propose operational designs that meet the requirements to solve the issues.

  • Education & training and start of operation

    Provide total support from communicator training to actual operation according to the designed business operation.

  • Effectiveness verification and refinement

    Verify whether the operational results are as expected, and perform operational maintenance as necessary.

FAQs about solutions and services

  • How long does it take to start the operation?

    It depends on the scale and difficulty of the operation, but in most cases, it takes about three months.
  • Does it require a special system or technology?

    Special systems may be used depending on the operation. We can also arrange for CRM and other systems.

  • How much does it cost?

    It depends on the scale, difficulty, and scope of the operation. Please feel free to contact us first.
  • Want to know details including past case studies

    Similar services are also available depending on the nature of the operation. Please feel free to contact us first.

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