Medical Ccontact Center (Drug Information, Distribution Management, and Test Subject Support Program)

Since its launch in 2000,our drug information service specialized in pharmaceuticals has supported achieving proper uses of pharmaceuticals and cares in line with patient journey,through delivering the best support from our qualified experts for each product and service,in combination with our experience of contact center design,operational knowledge,various DX,and IT tools.

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  • Issue1

    Finest drug information center as per character of each product to improve customer satisfaction.

  • Issue2

    Superb effectual system of distribution management for pharmaceuticals to ensure its requirement of safety and antecedent examinations.

  • Issue3

    Maximum product value and continued therapy through support for post-prescription clients and awareness-raising of target diseases.

Service overview

As a leading company in its industry,Bellsystem24's high-quality agents offer specialized services in combination with various DX and IT tools and support to achieve obtaining added value and work efficiency based on their expertise with their deep knowledge of particular characteristics of dialogues between medical professionals,pharmacists,and patients.

POINT1 Drug Information

Our agents with high-quality of response or qualifications offer services combined with multi-channeling and AI Chatbot support among others,by running their system of 24/7 support,BCP with nation-wide hub networks,and product recall,to actualize a quick launch of contact center operations.

POINT2 Effective Management of Pharmaceutical Distribution

We offer optimal specifications for operations in keeping with conditions such as distribution restriction and delivery unlock based on our abundant knowledge of design and practice of administrative offices for appropriate distribution and contact centers,to meet your needs for effective proper use and information provision through our services of e-learning and construction and maintenance of user registration systems.

POINT3 Patient Support Program

Our nursing team,operable 24/7,support patient-friendly continued therapies through various options such as guidance of manipulations for patients,self-injection support,tracking medication status,inquiry reception,reminder of medication and hospital attendance,and offer optimal provision of drug information by capturing patients' circumstances.

Flow of Use (Drug Information)

  • Business design

    Build operational design based on product information and profile for proper use

  • System Building and Operational Flow Design

    Design construction of systems and operational flows in scope of the required distribution management for each product.

  • System construction

    Formulate call flow scripts,create FAQs,enforcement of operational trainings,and check reception systems.

  • Center Launch and Operation

    Monitor KPIs,hold debriefing sessions,identify issues,and propose improvements.

FAQs about solutions and services

  • Quality and information security initiatives

    Our pharmaceutical-related business has established a quality management system based on the concept of ISO 9001,the international standard for quality management systems,and was one of the first in the CRO industry to obtain ISO 9001 certification in 2001. Even after obtaining certification,we have continued to pursue “reliability” for more than 20 years,and we have a proven track record of success. In addition,considering the importance of the information we handle,we also thoroughly implement information security management and personal information protection under our information security policy and personal information protection policy,and have obtained ISO 27001 certification. We are committed to continuous review and improvement in order to provide reliable and appropriate quality at all times. See here ( for details.
  • What is medical contact center?

    Our three main features unite to present one-stop services to meet various needs: operation of a medical-related contact center with over 700 seats run by qualified specialists and talented agents, consultation for DX by a group of about 100 experts,and solutions utilizing a variety of systems among us and partner companies.
  • What qualifications do your experts have?

    Many qualified professionals belong to us,such as pharmacists,nurses,nutritionists,and MRs.
  • How does the BCP system work?

    Our medical contact centers operate in four venues (Tokyo,Saitama,Osaka,and Fukuoka) with the ability to quickly switch bases in the event of natural disasters.
  • What kind of DX solutions do you offer?

    We offer a variety of CRM technology,such as BellCloud+🄬,a cloud-based call center system,and ekubot,an automatic telephone answering system with new technologies of voice recognition,speech synthesis,and AI.

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