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  • Diversify Touch Points with Customers through Utilization of Social Media

  • Enable Real-time Response to Customer Feedback through Social Media

  • Improve CX and Corporate Image through Rapid Problem Resolution


  • Strengthen Non-Voice Service to Suppress Call Correspondence Volume

  • Ensure Prompt and Polite Rresponse to Customer feedback on Social Media

  • CX Improvement to Attract more Advocacy of the Company's Service

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    Realization of Construction and Operation of Support Desk to Handle Customer Feedback on X(formerlyTwitter)


  • CX Improvement with Building the Support System on X to Meet the Customer Feedback

  • Active Dispatch of Information from the Call Center to Attract more Fan Base

  • Realization of Outsourcing Social Media Support Operations

Today, many opinions and impressions about the services and products of companies are spread on social media, where anyone can freely express their voices. Following and supporting these activities is now a major proposition that companies need to address. SKY Perfect Customer-relations Corporation (SPCC) has been tackling this task with a strong collaborative relationship with BELLSYSTEM24. They started the operation of Twitter (now rebranded to X) active support since June 2022, which provides customer support not only through call or email but intently through social media as well, to improve customer experience (CX) and the brand image of Sky PerfectTV!.


Operations Management Department Yuki Nishio
CX Design Department Planning Team Kumi Nakamura
Sales Department Ryoya Suzuki

※The information in this article is as of July 4, 2023

An Unwavering Partnership forged through the Collaborative Relationship on Problem-solving over 20 years

Sky PerfecTV! is known as the largest pay multi-channel broadcasting service in Japan operated by SPCC. It has regarded BELLSYSTEM24 as an important outsourcing partner since its establishment in 2000, and has collaborated in a wide range of operations, including SKY PerfecTV! support center operations and system aspects, based on the frequent exchange of opinions between them on the advancement of customer support center performance. SPCC's outsourcing to BELLSYSTEM24 extends beyond call center operations to staffing and other services. In particularly, SPCC has implemented the proprietary systems and solutions of BELLSYSTEM24 at all of its locations: BellCloud®, a cloud-based call center system, as voice infrastructure and Bell@Home, a home-based solution with equal or better security than existing call center environments. In particular, Bell@Home's fulfillment in March 2020 allowed the implementation of home-based operations from the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Operations Management Department Yuki Nishio

Launching Non-Voice Service through Social Media to Suppress Call Correspondence Volume

'Under the strengthened partnership, the two companies launched a new initiative to establish the X (formerly Twitter) Active Support operation starting from April 2022.

"It all began with a discussion we had with BELLSYSTEM24 during the course of our business. We explored ways to enhance our operations by leveraging the expertise and human resources available at the center. We believed that if the customer center could respond to opinions and concerns expressed on Twitter (now X), it would enhance the CX. Additionally, we assumed that making good use of social medea to strengthen non-voice operations would also lead to a reduction in calls," said Mr. Suzuki.

Mr. Suzuki described the situation at the time as follows: "Until then, Twitter (now X) operations had been carried out by SKY Perfect Group employees, and there was no thought of outsourcing its operations. Therefore, one of the challenges we faced when designing the service was that we did not have a clear policy on how to deter and resolve problems liable to go viral. For this challenge of clarifying our work standards, we collected actual posts from SKY PerfecTV! and extracted those related to user issues. As a first step, we proposed providing support by replying only to the posts that are related to problems. We also designed the service to prevent problems from occurring by having BELLSYSTEM24 and SPCC double-check the replies.The service concept was approved not only within SCPP, but also by SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (SJC), the parent company of SPCC, and it was decided at the end of April 2022 that Twitter (now X) Active Support would be launched on June 1st of that year."

Sales Department Ryoya Suzuki

Speedy Startup of Operations with only One Month to Launch enabled by a Strong Partnership

After the decision to implement the measures was made, there was only one month to prepare for the operation-launch.

According to Mr. Suzuki, "The success of the agents' operations on-site relied heavily on our ability to effectively plan and execute during this preparation period. BELLSYSTEM24 was very instrumental in working with us to design operations and tasks that would be easy for the agents to implement."

To achieve this goal, SPCC, SJC, and BELLSYSTEM24 collaborated to address the following four actions.

The initial step was to establish the infrastructure and operations. For this purpose, we conducted our own research on Twitter's algorithm at the time and aimed to construct a system that would allow for efficient detection of posts. We streamlined the procedures for agents to check and respond to posts, creating an environment that fosters productivity. Additionally, BELLSYSTEM24's extensive knowledge and techniques were utilized to accelerate the establishment of the system. These preparations were made possible through discussions held among JSAT, SPCC, and BELLSYSTEM24.

The second measure entailed developing an agent manual. Since not all communicators were frequent social media users, we refined the manual to encompass operating regulations, processes, and vital information regarding the utilization of Twitter, including its layout, good conduct, and usage protocols.

Creating templates for replies was the third measure we focused on. We designed templates for the reply text by referring to the FAQs gathered through diverse customer service channels including phone, LINE, chat, and email, along with Twitter posts from users reporting issues.

And the final step was agent training and education. We provided comprehensive education on operational procedures and precautions using the manuals and templates we created. This enabled them to efficiently engage in Twitter operations.

It was only through the strong collaboration of the three companies that we were able to complete these initiatives in just one month and get up and running quickly.

However, Mr. Suzuki recalls that they encountered a hurdle right after beginning the operation. "Initially, we had strict criteria to only respond to posts related to issues users encountered with SKY PerfecTV! Consequently, we were struggling to find posts to reply to." With this in mind, we gradually developed a plan to broaden our response scope while operating the site, and we continuously reviewed our response criteria."

Active Dispatch of Information via X to Attract more Followers and Fan Base

The three companies continued to work together improving X (formerly Twitter) Active Support, setting daily KPIs after launch and expanding support in new directions. This included having SKY Perfec TV!'s Customer Center account on X proactively create posts in addition to replying. Mr. Suzuki stated, "The three companies discussed ideas for increasing followers and decided to send posts from the Customer Center to users regarding frequently asked questions. By using the accumulated information on user inquiries received on each channel and combining them with event data, we aimed to create a virtuous cycle that contribute to the resolution of their problems. In addition, we started posting information on how to watch specific programs to ensure smooth viewing support on the first day of broadcasting. Working with BELLSYSTEM24 to develop and implement these new measures was an enjoyable process."

Following Mr. Suzuki, Ms. Nakamura and Mr. Nishio also reflected on that time.
"After we began actively replying and posting, we requested our agents to draft the content for us. During the initial stages, some posts needed revision, which was identified in the SPCC's pre-posting checks. Subsequently, we requested BELLSYSTEM24 to address the issues. The corrective measures taken were highly effective in reducing the number of revisions required. The next month, we noticed a significant progress, including a drastic decrease in the amount of texts that were considered unsuitable for posting," stated Ms. Nakamura.
Also, Mr. Nishio mentioned, "When Twitter support was established, we finally felt like we could provide our users with a better service. Before, we had only been responding to user inquiries passively through phone or email, but with the implementation of Twitter Active Support, we were able to take a proactive approach in reaching out to our users. This allowed for a new avenue of customer contact and we are thrilled to have implemented this measure."

CX Design Department Planning Team Kumi Nakamura

Now that a year has passed since X (formerly Twitter) Active Support began operations, Mr. Suzuki said, "Outsourcing X operations for the first time is a significant accomplishment for our company." He added, "Building on this success, we aim to advance operational efficiency by outsourcing our other multiple social media accounts."

In addition, Mr. Nishio and Ms. Nakamura also mentioned future prospects.
"With the current expansion of broadcasting services and other channels, SKY PerfecTV!'s main challenge for the future is to grow its subscriber base. It is our expectation that BELLSYSTEM24 will continue to work with us on initiatives to achieve this goal," said Mr. Nishio. And Ms. Nakamura added, "Our goal for the future is to strengthen and expand non-voice operations, maximizing customer contact beyond phone support and becoming a brand that is supported by people of all ages. We aim to maintain a strong partnership with BELLSYSTEM24, with the hope that they will continue to provide proposals to ensure the best possible service on SKY PerfecTV!."

SKY Perfect Customer-relations Corporation

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SKY Perfect Customer-relations Corporation (SPCC) has utilized innovative technologies to run the customer center of SKY PerfecTV!, a pay multi-channel broadcasting service, in a multi-channel, multi-site, and multi-vendor format since its founding in August 2000. In 2020, SPCC's 20th anniversary year, the company was recognized for its exceptional human services. HDI, the world's largest membership organization that established the first international certification system for IT support services, awarded SPCC a 3-star rating in three categories. Today, in addition to leveraging technology, SPCC is expanding its services to include contact center and administrative services for a variety of industries, including mail order, manufacturing, and online businesses. It is capitalized at 100 million JPY.

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