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  • Quick Adjustment for Increasing Inqueries associated with Business Growth

  • Advancement of Response Quality for Customer Satisfaction Enhancement

  • Collection of Customer Feedbacks for Utilization of Operational Improvement and Advanced Services


  • Quick Response to the Growing Use of E-commerce Websites during the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Response Quality with Plus Extra through Empathetic Customer-Oriented Interactions

  • Collection of Feedbacks for Utilization of Operational Improvement and Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction

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  • Contact Center

    Support Desk Building and Operation in E-commerce Support Desk for handling various Inquiries and Orders


  • Improvement of Response Rate with System Building to Handle Various Inquiries

  • Guarantee of Response Quality with Expansion of FAQs for Agents' Case Self Solving

  • Quality Improvement with Original Assessment Measures

Amid the increasing use of E-commerce every year, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic with a growing number of customers who avoided unnecessary outings, ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS TRADING CO., LTD. (ANA Trading), which operates ANA's official e-commerce website, "ANA Shopping A-Style" is not exception which experiences an increase in inquiries from customer. ANA Trading has worked constantly on collecting data and deepening communication along with BELLSYSTEM24 to respond to those various queries, complaints, and requests from customer through not by following manuals but through empathetic customer-oriented interactions, based on their reliable bi-company "High Level of Collaboration", for over 20 years.


Ms. Minako Amemiya, Deputy General Manager and Fulfillment&Support Team Leader, A-style Department.
Ms. Mizusa Aratama, Fulfillment&Support Team, A-style Department.

※The information in this article is as of June 19, 2023

Bi-Company Close Partnership in Operations for over 20 years

ANA Trading has been continuing to develop a variety of businesses for over 50 years since its founding as a division of procuring goods necessary for ANA's flight operations and airport store business in 1970, and BELLSYSTEM24 has entrusted with its growth by collaborate with providing outsourcing support for the support desk operations in ANA's official e-commerce website, "ANA Shopping A-Style" for over 20 years.

Ms. Aratama appreciated their collaboration and evaluated its results as "BELLSYSTEM actively provides us with proposals and solutions before asking when a problem arises, and they work together with us not just as a contractor but as a partner standing on the same sight to run our A-style division in a daily basis."

Also, Ms. Amemiya mentioned that "When we replaced the systems on the contact center operated by BELLSYSTEM24 in Sapporo, their managers thankfully arranged to visit our office in Tokyo together to work on consulting our assignments, solutions, and operational methods through their perspectives on the actual site of the contact center. We highly appreciate the collaboration with BELLSYSTEM24 beyond a mere outsourcing contracts but as a business partner to pursue new measures and operational flows for further campaign projects."

In addition, staff of ANA Trading also visits BELLSYSTEM24's contact center in Sapporo regularly to follow-up agents who work on the front lines of customer support with appreciating each of them and to exchange opinions with them; and those efforts enabled them to maintain the agents' high motivation level and length of employment longer than average.
Ms. Aratama said, "We are reassured to work with agents we trust in the contact center, those of many who have been working since its launch, for their pride in working in A-style reception operations with ANA minds the same as us."

As a result of those accumulated trust of each other , ANA trading is now outsourcing with BELLSYSTEM24 into a variety of operational services such as "Selectable E-Gicts," other than "A-style" support desk operation.

Guarantee of Response Rate and Quality with Quick Adjustment for Increasing Inquiries during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Both ANA Trading and BELLSYSTEM24, together engaging in "A-style" operation based on their strong partnership, faced drastic changes in the COVID-19 pandemic as sharp increase volume of its site access, selling, and inquiries under the declaration of state of emergency with restriction of outings.
"At the time, with a large amount of anxiety about the deserted conditions in shops and airports as a whole, the presence of customers who gave warm words and dared to choose our "A-style" products was greatly encouraging for us," said Ms. Aratama.

She continued, "At the same time, though, we sometimes caused customers' inconveniences in the website access concentration and the shortage of stock of items in 'A-style' such as in-flight meals, face masks with our ANA logo, collaboration products with famous athletes, or tie-up products with popular animations, with serious feedbacks including those of negative ones asking about their restocking and fairness in distribution that got us a hard time to respond them."

It was the situation that imposed a great burden on agents' minds who handled inquiries and complaints from customers on the front line of the support center due to difficulty in preparing substantial numbers of stocked items.To overcome such a situation, BELLSYSTEM24 offered the installation of both "a sorted line for the specific high-demanded collaboration items by utilizing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system" and "a dedicated team of agents for operating its line" with close alignment each other while thoroughly arrangement of expanding FAQs with identifying necessary information in the ranges from product data to expected queries, and informing them across teams.

Ms. Amemiya also added, "Thanks to the proposals from BELLSYSTEM24, we have strengthened our system and improved our response rate than ever before, and those efforts bear fruit in caring agents' minds and easing the stress of our customers by virtue of the guarantee of response quality based on the standardized, accurate, and smooth case handlings in support center based on the expanded FAQs."

Ms. Minako Amemiya,
Deputy General Manager and Fulfillment&Support Team Leader, A-style Department.

Prompt Response based on the Bi-Company "High Level of Cooperation"

Both Ms. Amemiya and Ms. Aratama chorused, "We deeply felt that the essential in customer response was not manuals but interaction, and BELLSYSTEM24 exactly gave us the opportunity to collect data and deepen communication necessary for interaction with customers at the time when we got the sharp increase in and concentrated inquiries."

Indeed, the "High Level of Collaboration" with ANA Trade enabled BELLSYSTEM24 to realize its role to expeditiously collect data for expanding FAQs. It is an accomplishment of daily deeds in this bi-company collaboration to establish the cross-division direct cooperative system, convered not only customer support but also entire departments involved in a series of operations including logistics and food productions through quick, precise, and timely alignments with escalating if necessary.

Ms. Amemiya and Aratama continued, "The advantage of escalating cases from first hand through 2nd to 3rd without holding during customer handling is highly valuable," and this system can also be utilized in operational improvement by listening to the awareness and voices of agents at the site. Furthermore, BELLSYSTEM24 participates in the ANA Trade's regular meetings to involve from its planning stage of campaign for high-profile products, and to prevent problems by presenting expected inquiries in advance. "We believe that our trustful relationship we have built up over the past 20 years has been deeply rooted into the daily accumulation of those activities," they mentioned.

Ms. Mizusa Aratama,
Fulfillment&Support Team, A-style Department.

Uplift Customer Satisfaction with Interaction at the Core, by Enbracing Trends in Contact Center

"Recently, more contact centres have become AI-oriented, but 'A-style' will continue to place high priority on responding to customers with awareness," said Ms. Amemiya.
Ms. Aratama continued, "I feel that there are many situations where we can sense how our customers feel through communication, and can offer more personalised response. Our 'A-style' Division, which values dialogue in this way, continues to work with BELLSYSTEM24 to improve quality as support desk by formulating specifically 'A-style's own Customer Service Action Guidelines and revising the agents' response evaluation criteria."

In the mean time, ANA Trade is considering diversifying its channels, such as introducing chatbots for routine inquiries.
"BELLSYSTEM24 deals with various industries, therefore we believe that they have knowledge and expertises from a variety of perspectives. They also hold seminars and provide us with opportunities to come into contact with trends in the contact centre industry. While incorporating such trends, we would like to continue our flexible telephone support and work together to find method that is unique to 'A-style,' mixing the best of both elements," said Ms. Aratama.

In addition, both ANA Trade and BELLSYSTEM24 made efforts to collect Voice of Customer (VOC) data, and to conduct a large-scale customer survey at the end of last year. Ms. Amemiya said that they intended to leverage this information to make specific operational improvements from the customers' point of view, "In terms of 'user experience', we would like to create an environment where customers can use 'A-style' without stress by improving usability, such as operability. We would like BELLSYSTEM24 to continue to make concrete proposals based on its extensive experience, such as introducing CRM as a core function and balancing costs through a variety of case handling. We are convinced that we accumulate that our partnership even further to solve any issues that arise in the future."


Corporate website:

ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS TRADING CO., LTD. has been continuing to pursue its unique developments for a variety of businesses as an airline-affiliated trading company for over 50 years, since its founding as a division of procuring goods necessary for ANA's flight operations and airport store business on October 15, 1970, based on the company vision as "for the gratitude of our customers." It is capitalized at One billion JPY with sales of 83.1 billion JPY as consolidated and 35.5 billion JPY as non-consolidated as in 2021.

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