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  • The Effects of Marketing Outsourcing to Increase Sales Performance in Existing Sales Distributors

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As marketing channels are becoming increasingly diversified, many companies will encounter the challenge of increasing marketing resources and improving their productivity. Bosch Inc. has been facing these challenges, and outsourced their marketing-related operations to BELLSYSTEM24. This is part of their initiatives to enhance marketing and to improve productivity.


Mr. Hiromu Suzuki, General Manager, Power Tool Division Sales Department 2

Commencement of Marketing BPO to Handle Ever Increasing Sales Distributors and their Upward Productivity

One of the leading automotive equipment suppliers in Japan and more broadly in the globe, Rober Bosch GmbH(Boshch) , which is expanding its fields such as consumer goods and construction with innovating technologies, faces the challenge of improving productivity under the condition of broader businesses, products, and services so as more extensive marketing spectrum that customer needs. Currently, our main sales channels in Power Tool Division are under sales distributors for so-called professional users, big-box stores such as home centers (home improvement store or DIY store), and online retailers such as Amazon. While online sales have been on the rise, big-box stores such as home centers are expanding with new branches and scale expansions in existing stores. We urgently need to support them and improve our productivity as well, in order to be a winner in this changing market. Bosch, as a German company, has a global sales network and is constantly checking and verifying productivity in its locations,” said Mr.Suzuki.

Bosch needed to respond to the expanding and diversifying sales channels and customers quickly and thoroughly, which meant that they needed to enhance their marketing system. However, if they increased the number of employees, fixed costs would increase, which would make it difficult to improve productivity. Bosch then considered outsourcing part of the marketing activities. They consulted with BELLSYSTEM24, who has been looking after Bosch's back office operations for many years.

Mr. Suzuki said, “BELLSYSTEM24 has been supporting our back office operations. We consulted with them due to these experiences and the trust we have in them. We wondered how much experience they had in marketing. However, because we had been outsourcing handling orders and inquiries from our agents and controlling stock with BELLSYSTEM24, and they had been carrying out these activities quickly and with great care, we figured that they would also respond to opinions and requests from our customers in the marketing areas. Additionally, consolidating the back office operations and marketing support into one would have an advantage in terms of work hours in managing the operations, and we could also expect a synergy.”

BELLSYSTEM24 responded to requests from Bosch and offered proposals for enhancing Marketing Skills and Productivity from its deep contemplation of practical marketing support measures.

Formulation of Marketing Plans with Mobility, Capability, and Meticulosity

The marketing support measure customized by BELLSYSTEM24 for Bosch mainly consists of two axes: structure and operation.

For the structure, BELLSYSTEM24 put forward an interactive marketing plan for this project by selecting sales distributors as Bosch's nationwide POSs in a prompt and appropriate manner, and by supporting them with its operation as a central administrative office aligning queries from POSs or partners in sales distributors, to share feedback on situations in each stores and customer voices, so as it make possible for both building a stable on-site response and burden reduction on Bosh end.

As for operation, BELLSYSTEM24 proposed to manage both routine and spot operations in store handling, opening new branches at mass retailers, setup for store renovations, demonstration sales, among other various marketing-related operations,by formulating a well-designed cooperation anticipating information gathering from on-site rounders or clerks to Bosch.

osch accepted this proposal and BELLSYSTEM24 commenced marketing BPO for Bosch in May 2022.

Some stores have already paid off with upward sales and productivity in just 10 months.

As of this moment (February 2023), BELLSYSTEM24 undertakes Bosh's operations in three divisions of marketing to stores, setup to launch new branches at mass retailers and to store renovation, and demonstration sales, while devoting various measures for streamlining operation.

The first measure is centralized management of both administrative office and back office run by common concurrent managers and agents who facilitate smooth product and business knowledge acquisition to achieve cost control.

Secondly, the proposed measure set BELLSYSTEM24 to take on a proactive role in administrative office operations to lessen the operational weight on Bosch by handling not only escalations from rounders or clerks but also direct customer service through three-party calls when necessary depending on the situation.

Mr. Hiromu Suzuki,
General Manager, Power Tool Division Sales Department 2

And speedy information collaboration and sharing is the third point of the measure: the administrative office run by BELLSYSTEM24 precisely performs at the juncture between on-site and Bosch by gathering daily and monthly reports from rounders or clerks and by collecting demands from Bosch for them on vise versa to accomplish the deliberate and strategic marketing in both sides.

The administrative office also covers several tasks, such as operational training for partner companies and shipping arrangement of sales materials, product leaflets, and promotional giveaways, supporting on-site rounders and clerks to devote themselves to being more attentive and careful store handling.

"We have been satisfied with the action taken by BELLSYSTEM24 by seeing the upward of sales figures and improvement of productivity in already achieved our initial goal at stores under support in less than a year since we started, and we have already achieved our initial goal,” continued Mr. Suzuki by appraising the effect of its support system in marketing BPO in just 10 months since its start.

"A wide range of people are involved in marketing, and therefore, speedy consultation and response are essential. In this respect, BELLSYSTEM24 provides speedy daily reports and customer feedback reaches us quickly. We also get their response to our consultation right away, and I feel that their ability to support and their speed are out of the ordinary. They are also reporting, communicating, and consulting with us just like our own marketing personnel do. I really appreciate their building such a support system that we can comfortably trust.

Acquire More Customer Satisfaction for further BPO Expansion

"We would like to expand BPO marketing even further,” Mr. Suzuki said, despite being at a point when less than a year has passed since its start. “We think that the ultimate goal of this project should be even greater, so we are planning to expand the regions and business areas to outsource in the future. And we are thinking about leaving more supporting work with BELLSYSTEM24 in the future so that our employees can focus more on our core businesses.

"Both of us still have room for improvement," he further added prospects as follows, "We also found challenges that we should improve on both sides after about ten months into marketing BPO. Our goal is to continue to make improvements and efforts to elevate both of us to satisfy our customers more and to connect to the right results.

He further gave their hope for BELLSYSTEM24 for boosting its standard of support by saying “We also found challenges that we should improve on both sides after about ten months into marketing BPO. Our goal is to continue to make improvements and efforts to elevate both of us to satisfy our customers more and to connect to the right results.”

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