Overall Organizational Optimization and Productivity Improvement by BPO of Real Estate Information Website Operations

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  • Streamline Operations and Productivity Improvement

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  • Streamline Operations and Productivity Improvement

  • Integration of Diverse Tasks

  • Cost Efficiency Improvement

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    Increase Operational Efficiency and Productivity by
    Outsourcing Consumer-Oriented Website Operations


  • Productivity Improvement brought by Centralization and Efficiency of Diverse Operational Tasks

  • BPO with Realization of Employees' Focus on their Core Business and Overall Optimization

  • Contents Refinement in both Quality and Quantity on Website

The operation of a consumer-oriented website involves many detailed tasks, such as article creation, content updating, and data analysis, etc. Many companies may find that "the burden on employees is heavy and productivity improvement is necessary."
Faced with those challenges, At Home Co.Ltd. (At Home) outsourced the website operation to BELLSYSTEM24 and achieved productivity improvement and cost efficiency by streamlining operations.


Mr. Yusaku Kurimoto, Manager of C-Media Development Department

Outsource the Real Estate Website Operations enabling the Latest Information Updates

At Home Ltd. (At Home), a real estate agency, provides everyone involving in the industry useful services through its media sources or business solutions. The company's informative website "at home" provides a wide range of real estate and housing information, including not only rental properties and condominiums, but also market information and real estate company searches, to help people nationwide find a comfortable home.

The company's C-Media Development Department is responsible for the planning and development of their web media "at home".
"Previously, each person in charge of planning and development was responsible for operating the site. However, this system resulted in inefficient operations, lack of visibility into the overall picture, inability to take measures for the operational efficiency or improvement due to the personalized processes," said Mr. Kurimoto, the department manager.
Therefore, the company started to seek out solutions by establishing a new department specialized in the operation of consumer-oriented websites in December 2021. They consolidated the operational tasks that had been handled at the planning and development division, and anticipated tasks in the future into the new department.

However, frequent information update is essential for a real estate information website, which requires a lot of man-hours, had been still handled by their employees.
"We decided to outsource the process and consulted with BELLSYSTEM24. For us, no other options for outsourcing but them," says Mr. Kurimoto.

The department manager expressed his trust on BELLSYSTEM24 saying as, "We had been outsourcing our real estate information submission work to them, and were aware of their stable and secure performances. Given those backgrounds, we had no doubt about entrusting the entire operation to BELLSYSTEM24."

Outsource a Wide Variety of Tasks Targeting on Core Businesses

BELLSYSTEM24 proposed a scheme for speedy and efficient operation as an answer to the request for outsourcing of the website management.
"They prepared 100 hypothetical measures for our vision, and they were as specific as 'Let's implement this kind of system and method,' or 'We will hire this kind of human resources for this purpose.'" As a result, At Home decided outsourcing to BELLSYSTEM24 with full trust, but leaving a single concern.

"It was the scope of operations BELLSYSTEM24 would undertake among the vast varieties of operational tasks that arise from a consumer-oriented website," Mr. Kurimoto followed.

BELLSYSTEM24, based on its abundant experience and knowledge, clearly defined and presented the scope of work they would handle, making the point clear that they would take care of the time-consuming works on behalf of At Home employees, leaving them enough room to concentrate on their primal works.

Specifically, to (1) set up banners for display ads, (2) create real estate-related articles using the CMS, (3) tabulate user surveys, (4) check SNS keywords, (5) post event information, (6) respond to user inquiries, (7) create reports related to the work, and so on.

Mr Kurimoto showing their relief saying, "BELLSYSTEM24 clearly defined and presented the scope of work, which made the task allocation between the two companies visible, and we were able to smoothly build and introduce an operational system."

Strong Structure through Recruitment and Education of IT Specialists and Knowledge Sharing

BELLSYSTEM24 undertakes roughly seven types of works as mentioned above, which is broken down into about as many as 40 items by tasks, and IT literacy is essential for much of them. For example, "submission review": to check the submission data for website setup (banner images, instructions, and application forms) shared by At Home sales representatives via e-mail for any deficiencies and resolving them if there's any, "article creation": to create real estate related articles for their webpage "at home" which requires the skill for Wordpress.

Therefore, BELLSYSTEM24 strengthened the system by hiring new personnel with high IT literacy in addition to agents who have been engaged in the submission processes of real estate information, and by providing thorough training to acquire expertise in areas such as digital image processing and web article writing.

In addition, agents who have been in charge of At Home operations shared their experience and knowledge with newcomers aiming all team members' quick and deep understanding of the company along with its operations, that leads to their accurate, nimble, and efficient performances.

"We don't need to explain everything from scratch because within BELLSYSTEM24, they communicate and manage the work by themselves. Another reason why we put full trust in BELLSYSTEM24 is that they control the skill sets of members according to the volume of workloads for us," Mr. Kurimoto expressed his gratitude in his words.

Mr. Yusaku Kurimoto,
Manager of C-Media Development Department

Maximize time and manpower by efficiently combining multiple operations

Also, BELLSYSTEM24 offers services with creativity to utilize time and manpower effectively with a productive combination of multiple tasks of fixed and undecided.
"The greatest feature and strength of BELLSYSTEM24 is its ability of system building to 'Run Operation Efficiently,' that makes optimized operation and productivity improvement in real under adjusting a combination of tasks with fixed due and those with undecided in spare without making dead times," Mr. Kurimoto said and continued. "And it has been very helpful for us to have monthly repots from them about the degree of skill growth of agents."

The business briefing sessions are held every month presenting a compiled reports about monthly comparisons in work contents and man-hours, issues, and proposals from BELLSYSTEM24, with participants from At Home including Mr. Kurimoto as a Director to collaborate with each other on problems and solutions.

The speedy collaborations are being formed between At Home and BELLSYSTEM24 through not only monthly sessions but through brief interactive checks of tasks and assignments they handle in 10minutes before work starts every morning as well.

Mr. Kurimoto said "We are considering a long-term relationship with BELLSYSTEM24 and are exploring the possibility of a new outsourcing arrangement with them in the future based on the information gathered from both daily reports and monthly sessions."

Overall Optimization on Website Operation Division and Productivity Improvement with Contents Refinement in both Quality and Quantity

Now, one year after the launch of the outsourcing operation by BELLSYSTEM24 on the website of real estate information, Mr. Kurimoto highly evaluates its results in improvement of business efficiency, cost effectiveness, and productivity, and continues as follows.

"With an outsourcing service for operational tasks provided by BELLSYSTEM24, our staff in the planning and developing division became concentrated on their core businesses, and it enabled us to actualize the optimization and efficiency of the overall division operating website named 'at home' real estate information website."

In addition, Mr. Kurimoto pointed that those results advanced further renewal of recognitions from "minds that planning and development must be taken by the person in charge one-handedly, that used to be entrenched part of the company, to one that those tasks can be controlled by making full use of outsourcing services."

Also, he mentioned the progress of contents refinements in both quality and quantity on their Website as a result of employees being allowed to focus on planning and development by separating it from dedicated operational work. "We think that the services of BELLSYSTEM24 excel in point of building a support system with responsibility by not just undertake tasks but conscientiously work on 'how to build a win-win relationship between us.'"

Mr. Kurimoto brought up about expectations for the future development as follows, "We have a high expectation to work together with BELLSYSTEM24 to build a system that continuously improves efficiency in the field of running a consumer-oriented website involving many operational tasks constantly, and for new challenges in the area of fast technological progress in consumer service, which we are working on research to utilize AI, metaverse, etc., with prospects for further operational expansion."

At Home Co.Ltd.

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At Home Co.Ltd. has been developing its business of information distribution services among inter-real estate companies, real estate information services for consumers, and real estate business support services, since its founding of the real estate drawing distribution business in Yokohama, 1967. At Home celebrates its 50th anniversary in December 2022 with 100 million JPY in capital, annual sales of 29,923 billion JPY (from June 2021 to May 2022), and 1,636 employees (as of February 2023).

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